General Rules

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General rules:
Do not disrespect anyone in any way.
Do not troll, minge, target, harass other payers.
Do not micspam, chat spam or camera-spam.
Your rp name must be in English characters.
Do not abuse any bugs/exploits.
If you report any bugs or exploits that we fix you are eligible for a reward.
Do not interrupt an admin sit in anyway.
Do not RDM (Random Death Match) or RDA (Random Arrest).
No cheating or abusing bugs or exploits.
Do not advertise any other server.
Do not failrp Example:
  • Committing suicide to get out of rp situations.
  • Returning a car so it can't be carjacked.
  • Changing jobs to break someone out of jail.
Do not abuse props or entities Examples: 
  • Pushing players around.
  • Blocking access to areas that are not your base.
  • Doing damage of any kind.
  • Surfing.
  • Climbing.
  • Prop blocking.
Do not meta game(abuse information you should not know) Examples:
  • Any information from OOC.
  • Entities sticking through walls or props.
You may only use explosives During raids.

NLR Rules:
NLR is 2 minutes long this means you may not go back to the area in which you were killed or interact with your killer.
Changing jobs does not void NLR.
If you are killed during a raid you may not go back until the raid is over.

Government Rules:
You cannot commit crimes.
Government is allowed to break NLR for PD and bank raids.
Government is allowed to counter regular raids.
You are allowed to KOS anyone past second door of PD and bank doors.
You may only weapon check inside of PD and bank.
You must attempt an arrest on anyone breaking laws before using lethal force.
You may request bail: max bail is 100,000.
You may Prop block all but one entrance.
You are not allowed to prop block the jail cell vent in the PD.
You are not allowed to double stack fading doors for the jail cell doors.
You are not allowed to randomly unlock all PD and bank doors, stun stick, weapon check, want/warrant, arrest/unarrest. 

Party Rules:
You cannot share a party with government as a criminal and vice versa.
If you are raid as a party each member must /advert raid.
You may defend your party members from raids, kidnaps and muggings.

Base Rules:
There is a maximum of 4 main fading doors.
Fading doors for printer storage does not count.
Fading doors triggered by buttons on both sides do not count.
For mega bases with at least 4 players, the maximum is increased to 6.
All buttons or keypads for your base must be within visual range of your main fading doors.
Bases that exploit hitboxes are not allowed.
If you do not want to be raided while building put up a clearly- visible sign that says “Building”.
You may not have any entities inside while your building sign is up.
You may have one ways but you are not allowed to shoot through them unless both parties can see each other.
You may block entrances and windows as long as one is accessible.
Bases that trap players are not allowed.
If you do not want players in your base you must place a clearly visible KOS(Kill On Sight) sign.
You are allowed to double stack fading doors except for PD jail cell doors.
Combination locks are not allowed

Raiding Rules:
You cannot raid a base with a “Building” sign up.
You must /advert raid when raiding.
You are allowed to counter PD and bank raids only.
Raids may only be 15 minutes long.
Raid cooldown is 10 minutes for new target and 20 minutes for the same target.
Only people in the thief category may raid. 

Hitman Rules:
Hitman's are allowed to raid but only if their target is confirmed to be inside the building.
You may not request for specific hit targets. Example: "Hey can you do me a favor and place a hit on joe for me, he did me dirty a couple minutes ago".

Kidnapping Rules:
Kidnap cooldown is 10 minutes for new target and 20 minutes for the same target.
You must /advert kidnap when kidnapping.
You are allowed to request ransom: max ransom is 50,000.
You may not kidnap someone who has a building sign.
You may not counter kidnap.
You may kill your target if they pull out a weapon.
You may only have someone kidnap for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Terrorist Rules:
You must /advert c4 to c4.
  • Once you advert c4 you may use the c4 to blow up.
  • Once you advert c4 you become KOS to everyone.
  • Once you advert c4 there is a 20 minute cooldown regardless of success or failure.
  • You are not allowed to c4 inside spawn or in buildings that have building signs.

Hobo rules:
You are not allowed to build on the road.
You may not own buildings.
You are allowed to prop climb.
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